“I am so grateful to you for giving us this wonderful framework to use. I slept better last night because of it!” Martina, parent

“It’s a very interactive, informative dialogue in a comfortable setting. It doesn’t create fear, but promote smart strategies to help keep kids safe, and to discover when boundaries have been crossed.”
Caroline, parent and teacher

“I am so grateful to you for giving us this wonderful framework to use.  I slept better last night because of it!”  Martina, parent

“Before the talk was even over, I was thinking about how I can get all the parents I know to come to the next one. And my husband. And my parents.” Lisa, parent

This talk addressed an extremely difficult topic in a positive, common sense manner. It was an informative and empowering talk for anyone who cares about keeping children safe.”
Carole, preschool director

“Hosting this presentation is probably the most important thing our PTO has done.” Julie, Parent

“I was bracing myself for an unpleasant discussion about all things dangerous. Instead, it was a great learning opportunity and felt that I walked away better armed to protect my girls.”
Stephanie, parent

“The yellow light idea gives me a way to think about, and speak up, when before I would have just frozen and gone on lock down with my kids! It’s less scary, when you have some information.”
Wendy, parent

“As a nurse and parent the TALK gave me a new framework for thinking about the sexual safety of my own child and children in our community.”
Alisa, parent

“This really changed the way I think about how to protect my children. I called my husband on the way home, to tell him about the ideas, because there were so many things I wanted to start right away.”
Suzanne, parent

“It’s a relief to quit the “Stranger Danger” approach, and instead start talking to my child in a way that will let her talk to me.”
Jon, parent

“As a parent who was abused as a child, I almost didn’t come. But I am so glad that I did. I now know things I can do, instead of feeling paralyzed. It’s good to have ideas about how to talk about safety,in a way that isn’t going to be scary for my son.”  Parent

“It is a really scary topic and Nora really does a great job at empowering you with meaningful data and real, actionable strategies to protect our kids! I can’t say enough good about it! I feel like hearing the TALK should be mandatory education for all adults (parents or not).” Christie, parent