Internet & Cell Phones

You may have seen the news about the “breaking” of a ring of adults exploiting children and youth, through technology:

What parents need to know:  There is an increase in this practice called “sextortion”, by which adults reach kids and teens over technology, con them into doing or sharing something sexual, then extort them into doing more, and terrify them into keeping it all secret.

If you know a kid who texts or uses the Internet or social media there is something you can say to them that will promote their safety:
“If you come across someone who gets you to do something sexual on there, it could lead to a lot of problems for you. So just know that some people are really good at tricking kids into doing embarrassing things, and if you are ever tricked like that, I will help you! I will know it’s not your fault, and I will help you get out of it, so please tell me if that ever happens!”