Hosting a TALK Workshop

In this workshop Dr. Shine draws upon her experience as a child and family psychologist, her knowledge of evidence based sexual abuse prevention strategies, as well as her experience as a parent. The result is a set of research-driven, realistic strategies that parents and educators can use to prevent sexual abuse of children.

Dr. Shine’s workshops are intentionally warm and engaging, in order to reduce the anxiety associated with this topic, so that participants can feel open to learning the new information and strategies that work to create protective communities. Participants will feel relieved to know that they can be effective in helping to create safer communities for children.

While the standard format of the TALK is a workshop that is 2 hours in length, the TALK is flexible in format and length. Also, different aspects of sexual abuse prevention can be highlighted to meet your groups needs.

Your Group Will Learn

  • Facts about child sexual abuse that lead to effective prevention strategies.
  • A framework for integrating abuse prevention into good parenting and teaching practices.
  • How to recognize adult behaviors that should raise concern (and how to avoid under or over reaction).
  • Language for adults to calmly and confidently address observations that raise concern.

  • How to increase communication with children, so they feel supported and protected.

  • How to overcome our own embarrassment and hesitation

    about all things sexual, so that we are available to protect children from those who would exploit our discomfort.