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Realistic Strategies for Protecting Our Kids from Sexual Abuse

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Realistic Strategies to Protect Kids from Sexual Abuse

On DATE at TIME the ORGANIZATION (ADDRESS) welcomes the community to a workshop presented by Dr. Nora Shine on keeping our kids safe from sexual abuse. Dr. Shine’s workshop has received positive reviews from parents and teachers alike as a comfortable, engaging and highly informative workshop that will change the way you protect your kids. Dr. Shine is a licensed child psychologist with over 20 years of clinical experience in hospital, outpatient, residential, and school settings. Prior to fulltime private practice, she was a staff psychologist in the Neurodevelopmental Center of Massachusetts General Hospital – North Shore Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Shine has drawn upon her experience as a child and family psychologist, her knowledge of evidence-based sexual abuse prevention strategies, as well as her experience as a parent, to develop a set of research-driven, realistic strategies that parents and educators can use to prevent sexual abuse of children. Parents who have attended Dr. Shine’s the TALK have said, “I was bracing myself for an unpleasant discussion about all things dangerous. Instead, it was a great learning opportunity and I felt that I walked away better armed to protect my girls,” and, “Before the talk was even over, I was thinking about how I can get all the parents I know to come to the next one. And my husband. And my parents.”

Recognizing the anxiety associated with this topic, Dr. Shine’s workshops are intentionally warm and engaging so that participants can feel open to learning the strategies that work to create protective communities. Participants feel relieved to know that they can be effective in helping to create safer communities for children. “This talk addressed an extremely difficult topic in a positive, common sense manner. It was an informative and empowering talk for anyone who cares about keeping children safe,” says a preschool teacher who recently attended a TALK workshop.

In the workshop, you will learn: facts about child sexual abuse that lead to effective prevention strategies; a framework for integrating abuse prevention into good parenting and teaching practices; how to recognize adult behaviors that should raise concern and how to avoid under or over reaction; language to allow them to calmly and confidently address observations and concerns; how to increase communication with children so they feel supported and protected; and how to overcome the natural embarrassment and hesitation related to these sensitive topics, so that we are available to protect children from those who would exploit our discomfort.

This event is free and open to the public, but you are kindly asked to register in advance.

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